Though it seemed the trial of Phil Spector would continue forever, it is finally coming into its last weeks as the prosecution rested its case yesterday. After nine weeks of testimony in a retrial delayed since 2007, the final prosecution witness took the stand - Donna Clarkson, mother of Lana Clarkson, who Spektor is accused of murdering by gunshot in 2003.

According to NME, Ms. Clarkson testified that she had spent he daughter's last day shopping for shoes with her and that she had spoken of plans to revive her acting career. Surely this contradicts the defence attorney's case that the actress took her own life because she was depressed by the state of her waning career.

A true legend in the music industry, originator of the Wall of Sound and producer of hits for Ike and Tina, The Ronettes, The Beatles and The Ramones, Spector is surely a case of genius touched by madness. Defence attorney, Doron Weinberg has said it should take about three weeks for him to make his case. The result of will be awaited with baited breath.