As you'll no doubt be aware, the hottest ticket in town next week is for Ed Sheeran's two 3Arena gigs.

The biggest pop star on the planet right now rolls into Dublin on Tuesday and Wednesday for two shows, and caused quite a furore when tickets were sold out in the blink of an eye.

As desperate as you may be if you missed out, promoters have issued a warning to those who are still trying to get their hands on a ticket by issuing the strongly-worded statement below:

"Beware of fraudulent and invalid tickets for
Ed Sheeran’s shows at 3Arena next week


Do not buy from Any secondary site
Do not buy from Any third party
Do not buy from Unofficial selling sites
Do not buy from Individual sellers

‘We are once again cautioning fans NOT to purchase tickets via ANY secondary sellers or ANY unofficial source.’ Peter Aiken said today

Purchasing from these sites / secondary sellers can result in huge financial loss and disappointment for fans who could potentially arrive at the venue having been sold counterfeit tickets, only to be refused entry without recourse."

So, now you know.