English rapper Professor Green is currently in hospital following an incident which occurred on Friday night which left him with a suspected broken leg.

Green, whose real name is Stephen Manderson, was hiring a car to travel to a gig when he was accidentally crushed between a ML63 and an SLS AMG, after which he was rushed to hospital.

Describing the incident on Twitter, Green wrote: "Won't know until tomorrow if it's surgery or not, so fucking depressed. No jokes left in me. This could hinder and ruin so much. If I'd fallen when the car hit me I'd be dead...would have been my head in between the cars."

"Nearly 4 yrs to the day I got stabbed and again a full moon, some about this time of year that brings me badness. My star sign, and it was a supermoon. I'm telling you it's not a grea time for me - next time I'm wrapping myself in cotton wool and staying at home."

Click here to see an Instagram picture of Professor Green's badly swollen leg.