It’s been quite an eventful couple of weeks for our Moz. There week there was the news that the former Smiths frontman was assaulted by a dog, fracturing the tip of one of his fingers. He hasn’t been able to find a label to distribute his latest solo album, which is completed and he has been at war with the operator of a fansite called, recently kicking him out of a show for supposed “emotional distress” caused by his panning of Moz’s latest work.

The latest blight to his the tour was a rainshower prior to a gig in Sweden which led to Morrissey himself cancelling the gig, disappointing hundreds of concert-goers. The cancellation was put down to safety fears and was “unable to take place for reasons of public and artiste safety”.

Recent Morrissey gig attendees in Middlesborough were also searched upon entry in case they were smuggling meat products in.

Is Morrissey getting more diva-ish with age?