Prince and his estate are to release a new posthumous album this June.

Set to release on what would have been his 61st birthday, Prince's 'Originals' album will feature 15 tracks. 14 of the songs off the album will be previously unreleased original recordings of some of the biggest songs that Prince gave away to other artists.

The 'Originals' album is a collaboration between Jay-Z, music manager Troy Carter, Warner Bros. and Jay-Z's music streaming website Tidal. The album will be available exclusively on Tidal for two weeks from June 7th, before being released everywhere else on June 21st. There will also be a physical CD available on the day, with a limited edition Deluxe CD+2LP formats to follow on July 19th.

The 15-track record will feature demo versions of songs that have previously remained unheard of until now. Classics such as The Bangle's 'Manic Monday' and Mazarati's '100 MPH' will be heard in Prince's original form for the very first time. There's also 'Nothing Compares 2 U', originally given to Sinead O'Connor, that will be the final song on the new record, and the only one that we've already heard Prince's original version of.

The announced of the album from Prince's estate reads, "In the spirit of sharing Prince’s music with his fans as he wanted, the album will be available to stream in Master quality via Tidal’s HiFi subscription tier. Members will be able to hear the recordings just as the Artist intended the tracks to sound."

Here's the full track listing of the 'Originals' album below.

01 - Sex Shooter (1983)
02 - Jungle Love (1983)
03 - Manic Monday (1984)
04 - Noon Rendezvous (1984)
05 - Make-Up (1981)
06 - 100 MPH (1984)
07 - You’re My Love (1982)
08 - Holly Rock (1985)
09 - Baby, You’re a Trip (1982)
10 - The Glamorous Life (1983)
11 - Gigolos Get Lonely Too (1982)
12 - Love… Thy Will Be Done (1991)
13 - Dear Michelangelo (1985)
14 - Wouldn’t You Love to Love Me? (1981)
15 - Nothing Compares 2 U (1984)

Via Variety.