It's kind of weird dealing with Prince's back catalogue being freely available on the likes of Spotify and Apple Music when this was all rigidly against his wishes.

To top it all off, Prince - or the people running his estate - have now created an official YouTube channel for his work and uploaded a number of rare videos from a well-known concert in 1984. Two of them are from a concert which was held at the Capital Centre in Landover, Maryland, and was part of the Purple Rain tour in support of the album of the same name.

There's a 13-minute version of Baby I'm A Star, our personal favourite I Would Die 4 U, and the official music videos for When Doves Cry and Let's Go Crazy. Not only that, it looks the account is going to fairly active as it's already crossed 12,000 subscribers in less than a day.

There's a tragic irony to all of this, as Prince was brutally efficient when he was alive at ordering takedown notices for any of his material on YouTube. In fact, Prince even took a case against YouTube in 2007. In 2015, Prince went further and said that the Internet "was over for anyone who wants to get paid, tell me a musician who's got rich off digital sales."

Is he right? Ask Taylor Swift.

Here's I Would Die 4 U.