Now we have an excuse for Prince purple-raining-on-our-parade when he cancelled his Croke Park gig last summer - he was working on three albums, all of which are set for release this year.

The LA Times report that the singer is nearing completion of two solo records, entitled 'Lotus Flower' and 'MPLSOUND', as well as an album called 'Elixir', which he's recording with his 'protege' Bria Valente.

Prince's last album was 'Planet Earth', which he released for free in 2008 via a giveaway with The Mail On Sunday newspaper.

The little fella claims that 'Lotus Flower' is a more guitar-based album, while 'MPLSOUND' is electro-tinted, and features rapper Q-Tip on one track.

A release date for any/all of the above has yet to be confirmed.