Chrissie Hynde has made her feelings on phones at gigs known even as recently as a couple of weeks ago, when she penned a passionate Facebook post apologising for 'being a bit of a bitch when it came to camera phones' on The Pretenders' recent UK tour.

Now, it's been reported that the frontwoman lost the rag at the band's gig in Dubai last week, after a number of people were once again, using their phones mid-set.

The Sun reports that Hynde called fans 'c**ts' for filming her, but that she 'didn't give a f**k' because she 'already had their money' and said '“take a picture of that" as she walked off stage and cocked her leg.

Another source reports her as saying 'stick your phone up your ass', adding that the band "ain’t Lady Gaga or Katy Perry, so if you wanna use your fucking phones, go and see them.”

What do you think - was she right to call the phone-wielding fans out?