Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds and Kasabian played a double-headliner last night in Marlay Park, the first of a three night series of shows which will also include tonight's David Guetta show and Saturday night's Tom Jones and Van Morrison concerts. However, a few teething problems were apparent last night.

It was just a few minutes into Noel Gallagher's first song when the gremlins started to cause havoc in the system. The power to PA appeared to die three minutes into the song, much to the bemusement of the band who looked to the side of the stage for answers before exiting stage right moments later.

About ten minutes or so later, after numerous "we're trying to fix this" announcements over the loudspeakers, Gallagher and co. returned to the stage, made their apologies and finally launched into the gig, right? Wrong. Seconds into the resurrection of the concert, the power died once more and drew and audible exasperated gasp from the crowd.

The show eventually went ahead as planned, but roughly 30 minutes after its advertised time. Noel himself said it best when the gig finally got properly underway - "sorry about that f*cking nonsense."