There's no denying that it's been a really strange week for Justin Bieber. The Candian tyke collapsed on stage in London, spent time in hospital and almost got into a brawl with a paparazzo but perhaps the strangest anomaly of all has taken place on the latest leg of his European tour - he hasn't sold any tickets.

Biebs has been forced to cancel his concert scheduled for tonight at Portugal's Pavilhao Atlantico due to 'unforseen circumstances', but apparently those circumstances involve only 60% of the tickets for the show being sold. To avoid Bieber the ignominy of performing to a half-empty venue, his management have pulled the plug on the show and issued no reasoning beyond the all-encompassing 'unforseen circumstances' line.

To be fair to the lad, he did play a sold out Portuguese show the night before so any of you hoping that a cure to Bieber fever might one day be found may have to wait a little longer.