TV show The Big Reunion and its ilk has a lot to answer for - namely, for resurrecting the careers of pop bands from the past who arguably should have stayed buried.

The most recent tour has seen Liberty X, Atomic Kitten, S Club 7, East 17 and B*Witched travelling to Australia and New Zealand to play several gigs under a '90s/noughties reunion banner.

By all accounts the start of the tour has been a bit of a disaster; the three original members of S Club 7 were reduced to two due to illness which saw them singing along to a backing track, Atomic Kitten were down a member because one of them is afraid of flying, and Liberty X (or at least, the three girls) came under fire for only performing two songs - 'Just a Little' and 'Being Nobody'.

True - the pop group, who formed on Popstars in 2001, were only contracted for two songs - but the audience were left disgruntled, nonetheless.