If there's one topic of conversation that is guaranteed to cause a fiery debate amongst music fans, it's the concept of the cover version.

While some may argue that it's impossible to improve upon the original and a cover simply cannot capture the same essence and honesty of an original song, others will say that the whole idea is to breathe new life into a song - and when it's done well, it can make you hear the tune differently.

So, can you possibly make a classic even better? With that in mind - and the new Cadbury Dairy Milk Flavourites range aiming to do just that - we've come up with a few of the most well-known cover versions of all time and thrown them to the floor for you to decide which is best: the original, or the cover?

You can also be in with a chance to win a delicious Cadbury hamper by telling us your flavourite song of all time that has been covered at some stage in the comments below, and if you preferred the original or the cover version. Remember you can comment with your Facebook account.

Competition closes Thursday 23rd February. Competition now closed. Congratulations to Ruairi O'Sullivan who wins. More hampers to give away over in TV news!

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