It all started with Wordle.

Soon, word-based internet games weren't enough: Framed soon emerged for movie fans, Worldle for geography nuts, but music fans were champing at the bit for more - which is where Heardle came in.

In case you aren't familiar with Heardle, it's essentially a game that gives you several chances to guess a song, based on its intro - which increases in one-second increments until you guess the right artist/title in six goes, or have to give up.

The game has been a big hit - so much so, that it was recently bought by Spotify, mirroring the success of Wordle which was bought by the New York Times earlier this year.

However, there has been a growing discontent among some social media users about how difficult Heardle has become since Spotify's acquisition, which some complaining that the songs are now too obscure.

So, what do you think? Has it become too hard since Spotify took it over?