What's yacht rock, you ask? For a brief period in the 1970's, music was actually amazing. You had musicians like Doobie Brothers, Christopher Cross, Michael McDonald, Kenny Loggins and Steely Dan playing some of their greatest hits. Your dad will probably know some of these, or if you're a little older, you may even have these yourself. It was a wonderful time when songs had incredible rhythm and you couldn't sing in one of these bands unless you had facial hair and / or gloriously long hair. Here's five of the best yacht rock songs you're likely to hear this side of the boat.


5. CHRISTOPHER CROSS - 'Ride Like The Wind'

There's a very funny sketch from a 1980's comedy show with Rick Moranis from Honey, I Shrunk The Kids as Michael McDonald doing the backup singing. Check it here. This is a great driving song. In fact, all the songs on this playlist could be on one of those Time:Life Greatest Driving Songs albums you used to see on TV all the time. Except there's no Foreigner here. Sorry about that.


4. STEELY DAN - 'Only A Fool Would Say That'

Trivia time. Community / Caddyshack / Fletch / delete as necessary actor Chevy Chase was the first keyboardist for Steely Dan. He was friends with the band in college and left after a couple of months. He didn't think anything would come of it. Showed him, eh?


3. DOOBIE BROTHERS - 'What A Fool Believes'

When you're talking about Yacht Rock, you can't even start the conversation without mentioning Michael McDonald and his work with the Doobie Brothers. This is an album version - we think - as we've never heard this cut of the track. Regardless, this song just oozes summer, sun and rocking a fantastic beard and captain's hat unironically.


2. FLEETWOOD MAC - 'Everywhere'

Christy McVie recently joined Fleetwood Mac onstage to sing a number of the song she sang on. As far as we know, this one DIDN'T get a look in and that's a shame. For our money, this is Fleetwood Mac's greatest track. Yes, better than Big Love and Don't Stop and anything else you want to mention.


1. KENNY LOGGINS - 'This Is It (feat. Michael McDonald)'

If somebody ever asks you for a song that defines 70's Yacht Rock, direct them to this then stand back and watch their brains explode across the wall. This song gives new meaning to the word 'passionate fist-clencher'. Just listen to that chorus, man.