Whether you love or hate his persona, you can't deny that Kanye West makes some incredible music when he puts his mind to it. That's always the problem with musicians with huge egos - how do you separate them from their music? It's a tough one. Anyways, here's a five-track playlist of some of Kanye's best songs. Have a listen!



If you got a chance to have a listen to Kanye's interview on BBC Radio 1 with Zane Lowe, you'll know that he's not a fan of this. We are. It's unapologetically poppy with a great beat and a great chorus. Everybody knows the lyrics. Oh she a gold digger. Way over town. That digs on me. UNGH.


4. ALL FALLS DOWN (feat. Syleena Johnson)

Although he's favouring harsh electronica for his current album, Yeezus, something like All Falls Down reminds us that Kanye wasn't afraid to use slick, stylish guitar samples to drive a song. Very cool video, too.


3. NIGGAS IN PARIS (feat. Jay-Z)

Personally, we think Watch The Throne was more about the fact two titans of hip-hop were joining forces than the songs themselves. That said, you have a listen to Niggas In Paris and you know that the whole album was thought out with their creative input to the fore. It's provocative. It gets the people going.



You can't fault Kanye for pushing the genre forward. Every album has been consistently original and, in some way, has tried something different. it hasn't always worked, but it's been different. And that's to be commended. His work with Daft Punk began with Stronger and culminated with their production of this and other tracks from Yeezus. It's the darkest, loudest, angriest song Kanye's ever made.



This was the song that put Kanye on the map and announced him. After almost ten years, it still resonates and is as fresh as anything we've ever heard.