Maintaining a impressively high standard across the four tracks of 'Zulu Sound' with sharp production and quality songwriting, Planet Parade have progressed in leaps and bounds in the year since their already accomplished debut EP 'Ghosts to People'.

With its staggeringly catchy chorus of "Oi, oi, oi", opener 'Soon They'll Come' is a radio hit waiting to happen. In fact, with their effortlessly snappy pop and pinpoint perfect harmonies, Planet Parade have the all-round potential to be absolutely huge. Undoubtedly a strong frontman, Michael Hopkins' essentially clean lead vocals are frequently intonated with controlled cracks and yowls, most notably on the yelping chorus of 'Blue Turns Grey'. 'Zulu Sound' is reminiscent of the bouncy pop of The Kooks at their best, given a nice tilt by the offbeat African rhythms alluded to in its title. 'Electrical' isn't quite as instantly likeable as the other three tracks here, but with its zinging bass and 80s ska undertones it's still a strong contender.

A perfect illustration of the phrase "short and sweet", if this is what Planet Parade are capable after just two short years, their debut album will be something worth waiting for.