Plan B has offered an explanation for his outburst at Slane two weekends ago, where he took exception to what he claims was an "unresponsive audience".

The rapper, who was playing support to Eminem, didn't have the best of sets and completely failed to get the crowd going and, instead of upping the intensity of his show, he chose to launch a series of verbal tirades at the crowd.

Having yelled: "Slane, are you with me?" and "Come on you c*nts!" to the crowd, Plan B then asked concert organisers how much time he had for his set and was disappointed with the answer.

"10 minutes? 10 minutes... Well, we're only gonna play one more song 'cause we don't really wanna be here", he said.

When pressed on the issue in an interview with NME, Plan B explained himself by saying: "the guys there were tired. They'd been there all day. They'd been there from when Chance The Rapper was on early. They'd been drinking, they were tired and they wanted to see the main event. When you're the main support and you're just before the main event, I think it gets to that point in the day when people just want to see Eminem. My way of pucking up the crowd sometimes is a bit abusive. I'm like: 'Come on, you c*nts', you know what I mean? That's pretty much what it was. A crowd can be a tough crowd because they're not interested, or it can be that they're tired. For me, it was more that they were tired."

Either that or you're just a bit shite, Plan B.

Check out the video of his outburst below. Beware though, it contains NSFW language (as you may have guessed).