Rock star fight! Rock star fight! Rock star fight! 

Ahem... excuse us, but the world of rock 'n' roll is so tame these days that we're reliant on the Gallagher brothers' periodical spats to entertain us, and even that's starting to wear a bit thin. (Luckily, Ryan Adams is in flying form of late.)

Now Placebo frontman Brian Molko is doing his best to stir something up with an unlikely target in his sights: Kings of Leon.

Speaking to Australian website The Music, he said: "Some bands walk on and they phone it in and just get it done – have you ever seen the fucking Kings Of Leon? Jesus, you might as well be watching cardboard cut-outs on a stage and play the record.

“But we’re up there and we give a shit, and this connection with the audience feeds our soul, so we’re always putting everything we have into the live show. No complacency – complacency is forbidden in Placebo world.”

They're not cardboard cut-outs - they're dummies, Brian...