Several pop artists - most notably the likes of Lady Gaga - have come out in support of Kesha during her ongoing messy legal battle with producer Dr. Luke, but few of them have gone as far as to publicly denounce him.

In a new interview with The New York Times, however, Pink - who worked with the producer on her 2006 album 'I'm Not Dead' - made her feelings clearly known.

When asked about the case, she said “I don’t know what happened. But I know that regardless of whether or not Dr. Luke did that, this is his karma and he earned it because he’s not a good person.”

She added: "I have told him that to his face and I do not work with him. He doesn’t do good business, he’s not a kind person, he doesn’t do the right thing when given ample opportunities to do so, and I don’t really feel that bad for him.”

Dr. Luke - real name Lukasz Gottwald - declined to comment.