She might have a reputation as a diva, but never let it be said that Mariah Carey is incapable of taking the mick out of herself.

If you saw footage from the New Year's Eve concert in New York's Times Square - during which Carey made amends for the catastrophe of NYE 2016 by performing 'Vision of Love' and 'Hero' - you may be aware that she still found time to jokingly (or half-jokingly) complain that the hot tea that she had been promised had not materialised (if not, see the video below from 2:35).

Subsequently, a new catchphrase ('I was told there would be tea') was spawned, and now a line of t-shirts (or 'tea-shirts') has been revealed bearing the Marie-Antoinette-esque slogan.

FAO: Barry's Tea - prime marketing opportunity for you here.

See the pics below: