This is like that time Ed Sheeran got that awful chest tattoo and everybody laughed and said 'Cool joke, Ed', only for it to be real.

While Justin Bieber has been steadily adding to his ink collection over the last few years, he's just shown off his biggest piece yet - a large torso piece that incorporates skeletons, angels, gargoyles and some sort of arched castle-like building. It's basically the sort of tattooo that a fan of fantasy novels might get (not that there's anything wrong with fantasy novels, but Biebs doesn't strike us as much of a reader.)

Added to his existing cross, bear, lion and 'Purpose' tats, it basically covers his whole chest and stomach area - including the large 'Son of God' script and eagle that he had across his midriff.

It reportedly took 26 hours across three days at New York's Bang Bang tattoo parlour.

Well, it's one motivating reason to stay in shape for the rest of your life, we suppose. 


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