It's one of his most famous - or at least most quoted, and definitely the one that features in most memes - lyrics; and Eminem fans had the chance to taste the famous 'mom's spaghetti' mentioned in 'Lose Yourself' over the weekend.

A pop-up shop opened in the rapper's native Detroit on Friday to celebrate the release of his album 'Revival', and on the menu was Mom's Spaghetti in its various incarnations.

He shared the news on Twitter, although his marketing pitch needs a bit of work.

Sure enough, fans shared pictures of the spaghetti in question, too:

As MLive documented, there was tonnes of merch on sale too - and you could even buy a spaghetti sandwich of Eminem's youth, made with "house-made white bread, garlic butter, cheese and spaghetti." Now we really do want to vomit.