It's the return of one of our favourite news topics: waxworks of celebrities that look nothing like the person they're supposed to look like!

We've seen some pretty abominable creations in the last year or two, not least this one of Lady Gaga from a Peruvian museum (and lets not forget the Conor McGregor waxwork at Dublin's own National Wax Museum).

This one of Beyonce, however, may top them all.

We don't know who it's meant to look like, but it certainly doesn't resemble the pop singer in any way, shape or form. The museum in Niagara Falls even had to pin a name badge to her dress to alert people that they were standing in the presence of pop royalty.

People have been speculating who else it looks like - from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's Dee, to Jennifer Aniston, to one of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. But Queen Bey? Nope.

See for yourself below: