Deadmau5. Skrillex. Fatboy Slim. Tiesto. Avicii. Whatever you think of their DJing skills, their adopted names are memorable at best, unremarkable at worst.

One DJ in Berlin, however, has decided to perform under a name that is memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Berlin resident and magazine editor Jonny Tiernan spotted the name on a flyer for an upcoming night called 'Death Drive' at the city's Acud Macht Neu nightclub, described as "A new "party" about life, human garbage bags, death, feeling wavy, and anything else your stinky heart desires."

Actually, going on that description, 'DJ Fart in the Club' sounds like he/she will fit right in.


Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new 'Worst DJ Name Of All Time'.

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The good news is that it doesn't take place until tomorrow night, so if you really wanted to grab a cheap Ryanair flight to Berlin to experience DJ Fart in the Club up-close-and-personal, there's still time.