When you try to imagine what a Christmas tree in Snoop Dogg's house might look like, you're automatically gonna think 'spliffs hanging from every branch'. Let's not beat around the bush, here.

However, the rapper has done something a little different with his festive décor in 2016, using his tree to pay homage to one of his fallen musical comrades this year.

The Prince-themed beauty is brilliantly decked out in purple tinsel and lights, with a picture of the late icon taking pride of place at the top.

He presented it with no comment (because really, what can you say) on Instagram:

In related news, Snoop's latest installment in the 'How'z it Mizzade' series sees him find out how candy canes are made, much to his disgust:



EDIT: It's come to light that the tree in fact is not the handiwork of Snoop, but rather the work of Prince fan Lish Laynette. Snoop, Instagramming and not crediting your source - tut, tut. Bag of coal for you this year.