Jessie J has always been a divisive pop star, but there's no doubt that her latest faux-pas is more than a tad embarrassing for several reasons.

The English singer has just released her new single 'Queen', and by all accounts it's doing reasonably well - but it seems that her understanding of Spotify is not quite on the ball.

Although the streaming platform did add the song to their 'New Music Fridays' playlist, Jessie shared a screengrab of her 'Release Radar' playlist on Instagram the other day. As you may know, Release Radar is a personalised playlist specific to each Spotify user that takes into account the stuff you've been listening to most, but it seems that she didn't realise that, and got over-excited about her song topping Whitney Houston's 'I Have Nothing'.

The now-deleted Instagram post saw her start her post: "You know when you just see a sign?' before thanking Spotify 'for the love'.

It took someone on Twitter to point out that the only reason that the song was top of her playlist was because she listens to her own music a lot.

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