The 'Elvis is not dead' conspiracy theory has been one of the most enduring of all conspiracies over the last few decades.

You can see where fans are coming from: he was one of the best, most iconic and most charismatic musicians of all time, so those who have convinced themselves that he did not die after a heart attack in 1977 have some hope to cling on to in this world of vacuous X Factor output.

However, the 'Elvis faked his own death' theory has gained traction again in recent weeks after a photo of an older, white-bearded gentleman in a baseball cap and sunglasses was taken at Graceland, Elvis's home and final resting place, on January 8th where his annual birthday celebration was being held.

Posted to the Evidence Elvis Presley is Alive Facebook group, fans claim that security personnel (seen at the top left of the photo) were standing by 'Elvis' to guard him during the ceremony.

Others on the same page claim that the man is, in fact, his 'stillborn' twin Jesse Garon Presley - whom they allege was, in fact, not stillborn and instead adopted at birth - and that Elvis is, in fact, a pastor by the name of Bob Joyce who regularly visits Graceland.

What do you think? Is The King alive, and now 82 years old?

Pic: Evidence Elvis Presley is Alive | H/T: NME