**Warning: if you haven't seen the season 7 finale of Game of Thrones, there may be spoilers below.**

Game of Thrones has quite the celebrity fanbase - particularly amongst musicians. In the past, everyone from members of Coldplay to Sigur Ros to Snow Patrol have had cameos in the show, not to mention the huge hoo-hah that was created when Ed Sheeran appeared earlier in Season 7.

Now, US metal band Mastodon - who are known GoT devotees and who even recorded a song called 'White Walker' for a Game of Thrones mixtape - have made their second cameos in the show.

Brent Hinds and his bandmates had previously appeared as wildlings in season 5, but it looks like they didn't fare too well as their latest cameo sees them play white walkers, part of the Night King's army who appear at the wall.

And after what happened at the wall, maybe we'll even get to see them again next season....