There's no question that Drake's recent world tour went extremely well.

Despite a few mishaps - like support act Travis Scott falling down a hole on stage and breaking part of the set, or his repeated cancellations in Amsterdam - the 'Boy Meets World' tour was generally hailed as a resounding success.

To celebrate, the Toronto rapper/singer splurged on a piece of jewellery for himself, having a chain and pendant featuring the owl from his OVO record label logo custom-made by jewellery designer Ben Baller.

He posted it on Instagram:


@benballer out here going insane 🌺

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Meanwhile, designer Ben Baller went into detail on the piece, saying "For the longest time I've been wanting to make a chain with ice blue diamonds along with pink sapphires and of course some canary diamonds and #VVS."





Maybe it's down to personal taste, but Drake, you could have saved yourself a few bob and got something very similar on eBay or Ali Express. *Mammy voice* More money than sense.