Last week, Kendall and Kylie Jenner found themselves in a spot of bother after they were criticised for appropriating iconic images and logos of well-known artists for commercial gain.

Basically, they superimposed their faces onto the likes of 2Pac, Pink Floyd, Ozzy Osbourne and The Doors and sold them as t-shirts - leading to criticism from the likes of Biggie Smalls' mother and Sharon Osbourne, who scathingly told them to "Stick to what you know…lip gloss."

They later removed them from sale, but now Arcade Fire - who are currently on tour - have launched their own range of t-shirts that trolls the reality TV stars brilliantly.

Their new line was spotted on sale at their recent London gig, which sees their 'Everything Now' logo stamped across Kendall Jenner's face.

They won't be making any cold, hard cash from the shirts, though: all proceeds will go to charity Partners in Health.

Jenner's reponse to how her own medicine tastes, meanwhile, has not been reported.