If there's one gadget that 2017 will be remembered for, it's the fidget spinner.

The small piece of spinning plastic and ball bearings has taken the world of kids and teenager by storm over the past few months.

Now, Arcade Fire are getting in on the craze by selling their own 'Everything Now'-branded fidget spinner - which doubles as a USB key containing their new album - online for $109 (€92) a pop.

What's more, it seems that they're already sold out.

However... the fact that they were advertised as 'very limited', apparently 'sold out' extremely quickly and the incredulity of the price of such a device has led many to believe that they were never on sale in the first place, and it's simply a good exercise in publicity for the band (as their 'dress code' fiasco was last week)... 

What do you reckon - would you spend €92 on a fidget spinner branded with your favourite band's new album?