It seems that getting buck naked is the new fad amongst celebrities of a certain age.

Actor John Malkovich has followed in the footsteps of Iggy Pop, who recently posed naked for an art class in New York, by donning his birthday suit for a new musical endeavour.

No, the 62-year-old hasn't changed careers - but he has provided the image for a new picture disc for Illuminated, the project helmed by ambient composer Eric Alexandrakis.

For last year's Record Store Day, Malkovich provided vocals for a similar project helmed by Alexandrakis, dubbed 'Like a Puppet Show'. Now, several of those tracks - with the additional input of Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon, Dweezil (son of Frank) Zappa and more are being reissued with the new Malkovich-adorned artwork.

You can see it below:

Image: Eric Alexandrakis/Facebook