Things haven't been going particularly well for Taylor Swift over the last few weeks.

The pop star has come under fire for her new relationship, then became embroiled in a silly 'he-said-she-said' argument with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, leading many to raise an eyebrow on how truthful she has been in the past.

While her position as one of the world's biggest pop musicians is far from at risk, one Australian graffiti artist reckons differently.

Lushsux - the same artist who caused a stir with his mural of a naked Kim Kardashian - has created a mural on a Melbourne wall that acts as a commentary on the recent goings-on and depicts a likeness of Swift - although he was careful to write 'Taylor Smith', presumably so as not to cause any legal hassle - with the words 'In Loving Memory, 1989 - 2016'.

The 'Taylor Smith' is in the same font as the star's signature and the image posted to Instagram, below, was captioned "The recent passing of @taylorswift is heart wrenching. Come and leave some flowers and light some candles at her memorial in Hosier lane in honour of her memory. If you do please DM photos of you doing it. #taylorswift"



However, that didn't stop Swift's lawyers from allegedly getting in touch and threatening legal action - or was that Taylor Smith's lawyers? We're confused now...


In any case, it meant that the mural only lasted a day or two before it was 'adjusted': (Harambe was the gorilla shot and killed in Cincinnati Zoo in May)