There's no doubt that Justin Vernon's Bon Iver are a band that mean a lot to people, and it has been five years since they last released an album, after all.

That said, we think that maybe the fan below may have got a little bit carried away by the announcement of their third album '22, A Million'.

The album was officially announced yesterday after it was debuted live in its entirety on Friday at the band's local festival in Wisconsin - but it has already inspired a fan tattoo.

As Stereogum report, the unnamed fan - who uploaded the picture to Reddit - must have made a pretty quick decision about how much this album meant to them (after hearing it once, that is). Add to that the fact that IT'S NOT EVEN OUT UNTIL SEPTEMBER 30TH.

It could have been worse, we suppose. Marginally. OK, not much worse. It could have been Vernon's face or something a lot cheesier - at least they can pass it off as something else if they eventually realise that their judgement call on the album was wrong. Possibly.

Or maybe the arm below belongs to Vernon himself?