Rumours of his death have been greatly exaggerated, it would seem - so much so, that Phil Collins has made a point of announcing his existence in the title of his autobiography.

Collins will publish 'Not Dead Yet' this October, and according to the press release, it will see the former Genesis man tackle the thorny subjects of his three failed marriages, his alcoholism and the ill health that led him to retire in 2011 before making a comeback last year.

The press release sees the drummer describe his life as a 'dream life', saying "I’ve been incredibly lucky, but I’ve also worked extremely hard. I‘ve collaborated with some of my heroes, written songs that people have liked, and wildly surpassed my initial hope to make a living as a drummer. Throughout, there have been lots of highs, and more than a few lows. I’m being completely honest about all of them, embarrassingly so in some cases. Some things might amuse people, some will surprise them. Horrify them, even.

"And if, ultimately, readers are shocked or disappointed that their ‘hero’ – or, that bloke who kept popping up in the charts all the time – was human? Well, then this book will have done what I wanted it to do. It’s been a pleasure writing it, even if it meant reliving the moments where I should have made different choices.”

'Not Dead Yet' will be published on October 20th and you can see the cover below: