Pharrell Williams might be one of the music industry's most powerful figures. He lent his vocals to 2013's two biggest singles, 'Get Lucky' and 'Blurred Lines', and is the odds-on favourite to bag the Oscar for Best Original Song at the beginning of March for his song 'Happy' from the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack. Sounds like he can do it all, right? Well, he may have just bitten off more than he can chew after commenting to BBC Newsbeat that he's like to collaborate with both of the Gallagher brothers. At the same time.

"Who wouldn't want to work with the Gallaghers? Yeah, both of them", he was quoted as saying somewhat optimistically.

Liam and Noel have one of the most famously destructive and fractious relationships since Oasis' sudden split backstage before a gig in Paris in 2009. The extent of their current relationship is said to boil down to the odd 'Happy Christmas' text message every 12 months, as the warring brothers can't apparently can't stomach being in the same room as each other, let alone the same recording studio.

Pharrell also mentioned that he'd love to record an album with Stevie Wonder, with whom he shared a stage with at the recent Grammy Awards.

"I would love to do a whole album with Stevie Wonder. That would be amazing. He doesn't need me, but it'd be amazing", Pharrell was quoted as saying.

There's little denying that a Gallagher Brother reunion would be one of the most fascinating things that could happen in music right now. Liam has been quoted in the past as saying he'd be open to the idea in theory but Noel has remained steadfast in ruling it out, especially since his High Flying Birds solo project has picked up some steam since Oasis' split.

Don't hold your breath for this one, folks.