The saying goes that you get the face you deserve at 40.

Well, Pharrell is 47 and he looks like he's radiant, youthful, and potentially utilising some kind of sci-fi adjacent methods to keep himself looking so young. So does he deserve it? Well, he made 'Happy' but it wasn't him that played it so much on radio that it made people want to drill their brains out.

That's not on him, so he doesn't deserve the heat for it. Either way, the ageless wonder of a musician is now getting ready to drop the skincare routine on the world.

Or rather, he's selling his own line of skincare products called Humanrace, and told Allure about the process. "Sometimes you need to cleanse your spirit. Sometimes you just need to cleanse your mind. Sometimes you’ve just got to get rid of some dead skin." What if you're dead inside, Pharrell? Does that impact the skincare routine's efficacy? Asking for a friend.

The stuff in question is made out of very fancy materials that could well be made up because, let's face it, we're not a beauty website. That's and odds are they know all about this kind of thing. Anyway, Humrance is understood to contain kaolin clay, glycolic acid, and snow-mushroom extract and includes items like a 'Rice Powder Cleanser', 'Humidifying Cream', and a 'Lotus Enzyme Exfoliator' (great name for a band).

Here's an Insta of Pharrell opening said box.


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