Let's be honest: seeing the headline 'Pete Doherty has been hospitalised' won't come as a surprise to many. Over the years, the Libertines and Babyshambles frontman has had his fair share of health issues, but none of them have been as random as this.

The songwriter - who plays Dublin this weekend - has kept a reasonably low profile in recent years. The last time he was in the news for any significant reason was when he participated in a bizarre 'Breakfast Challenge' last August.

His latest shenanigans, however, involve a run-in with a hedgehog. (No, it's not a marketing ploy related to yesterday's 'Sonic the Hedgehog' trailer.)

It seems that Doherty was out walking his dogs Zeus and Narco when one of them went after a hedgehog. He pried the poor creature from his dog's mouth and sustained a cut to his hand from one of its spines. The cut later became infected.

He shared the view from his hospital bed on social media (below), praising the "wonderful men and women who work within the NHS".

A concept album is surely inevitable..