Glastonbury is the biggest and most famous music festival in the world - so when people thought it was getting a name-change after 46 years, they weren't too happy about it.

The rumours stemmed from comments made by founder Michael Eavis, who told Glastonbury FM yesterday that the planned move for the festival in 2019 would also entail a name-change.

"The Glastonbury Festival team presents The Variety Bazaar’. “That’s a good name, don’t you think?”, he said. “It’s half way to the Midlands from here… and there’s only one landowner. I’ve got 22 landowners where I am now. I just wonder whether the next generation will want to negotiate with so many people. It’s a very difficult job to hold it together.”

He added: “I’ve been a risk taker all my life. In 47 years of taking risks, so far touch wood, I haven’t come unstuck. This might be one risk too far, I don’t know.”

However, his daughter Emily Eavis quickly came out to reassure people that the festival that her father was talking about was a different event, and that Glastonbury would remain 'Glastonbury' at its home of Worthy Farm.

That didn't stop people from freaking out on Twitter, mind...