You know you're getting old when the kidz start saying things like 'Who the hell is that?' of a person that you assumed everybody knew.

And you know you're getting really old when the person they're talking about still seems relatively young to you.

That's precisely what happened on The X Factor last night when Louis Walsh enlisted British pop star Mika as his Bootcamp celebrity who was there to help him pick his acts for the Live Stages of the competition.

The problem was - while the other judges had people like Stormzy and Cheryl on their team - his acts didn't seem to know who Mika was. Cue: surprised faces and forced 'Ehhhhyaaaaayyy' clapping.


A reminder if you're still having trouble remembering who Mika is:

- He's a 34-year-old Lebanese-born Londoner who released his debut album 'Life in Cartoon Motion' in 2007

- That album went on to sell over 10 million copies worldwide

- He's best known for pop bangers like this:

- .... and this:

- and this...

- His fourth and most recent album 'No Place in Heaven' was released in 2015 and he's still huge in countries like Belgium, Italy, France and Canada.

- In fact, he's been a judge on the French version of 'The Voice' for the past four years:


So, X Factor minions, the next time someone asks you 'Who is Mika?' - now you know.