Peaches Geldof is on the brink of being the subject of a police investigation after allegedly identifying on her Twitter page the two women who were charged alongside former Lostprophets frontman Ian Watkins in the high-profile sexual abuse case which has rocked the UK music scene.

The names of the two women who allowed Watkins to abuse their children have been withheld by UK authorities in order to protect the children's identities but are understood to have been published by US-based websites. Geldof reproduced the names on her official Twitter page to her 160,000+ followers but has since removed the tweet when she became aware of the media injunction.

Peaches, who has worked as a journalist for publications like The Guardian, is now facing probes from the Attorney General's office in the UK, who stated: "We understand the names of the co-defendants in the Ian Watkins case have been posted online. Victims of sex offences have lifetime anonymity. Publication of info which could identify them is a criminal offence & police matter."

Geldof responded to the furore on Twitter, saying:

"For all of those out there tweeting me about naming the paedophile mothers involved in the Ian Watkins case, the names have been in the public domain since December 12th when the court named them and put them up on their website for all to see- half of twitter had tweeted out the names also aside from my (now deleted) tweet. The babies will most probably be given new identities to protect them from future abuse from other paedos who know who they are/ their names from the videos Watkins uploaded to Paedo websites. The question of whether or not to give anonymity to criminals in cases like this will go on forever. However these women and Watkins will be gettings three meals a day, a double bed, cable TV etc- all funded by the tax payer alongside not being named apparently. It makes me sad. I deleted my tweets however and apologise for any offence caused as at the time of tweeting had only seen everyone tweeting the names at me so had assumed as they were also up on news websites and the crown courts public file that they had been released for public knowledge. Will check my facts before tweeting next time. apologies and lesson learned."

Former Lostprophets singer Watkins has pleaded guilty to 13 sexual offences, including two charges of attempting to rape a baby.

Lostprophets split up shortly after Watkins' crimes were discovered and the remaining members have distanced themselves from the crimes, with guitarist Lee Gaze expressing his relief at the speedy resolution of the trial and thanking fans for their support. HMV announced yesterday that it will no longer stock any copies of the Welsh band's back catalogue.