We do enjoy a good celebrity feud, but there’s been a shocking dearth of them of late.

However, Paul Weller has swooped in to save the day with his recent comments about The Cure - or more specifically, the band’s frontman Robert Smith.

It seems that Weller is a man more than capable of holding a grudge, as he called Smith “a f**king knob end” (and worse) in the new issue of Record Collector.

“I can’t fucking stand them,” he said in the interview, responding to the journalist’s remark that he thought a song on the new album by Noel Gallagher (Weller’s friend) sounded like ‘A Forest’ by The Cure. “Fucking fat cunt, with his lipstick and all that bollocks. He is my age as well, isn’t he?” 

He went on to say: “He’s a fucking knob end. I don’t like him. There you go, there’s someone I wouldn’t work with. I’d fucking slap him, or something.”

Although there doesn’t seem to have been any interaction between the pair in recent times, some people have speculated that Weller’s grievance with Smith goes back to 1985, when The Cure man dismissed him. 

“Punk had nothing to do with social entertainment or politics, even people that think they’re socially aware and then they’re… like Paul Weller and stuff,” he said “It does no good at all because ultimately you’d have to believe someone like Paul Weller.”

Smith has not responded to Weller’s insults, but Cure member Roger O’Donnell did tweet (since deleted): “Ive always thought, as Spike Milligan said, people who live in glass houses should pull the blinds down before removing their trousers... Mr Weller? [sic]”

We await Smith’s own response with baited breath (and a large tub of popcorn).