Forget music fans, this one goes out to all of the 'Normal People' die-hards out there.

If you've ever dreamed of seeing Kildare native Paul Mescal gyrating and lepping around the place like a mad yoke to the Rolling Stones latest single, then welcome to your fantasy. We're sure Paul Mescal's mother never even dreamed this possible.

The runaway star of 2020, he who has nabbed himself an Emmy nomination alongside Hugh Jackman and Mark Ruffalo, has spearheaded his way onto our screens yet again by being the focus of the legendary rockers' new much video.

Before we go any further, be sure to catch yourself up on The Rolling Stones music video for 'Scarlet' first. The song was recently unearthed from 1974, which they recorded with Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page on guitar, and sees the Irish actor strut his stuff in what looks like London's 5-star Claridge's hotel.

As we've seen previously, Mescal can both act and sing, having been a part of the Dublin theatre scene for a number of years - most recently appearing as Mad Padraic in Martin McDonagh's 'The Lieutenant of Inishmore'. He also popped up in Dermot Kennedy's hour-long takeover of London's Natural History Museum last week.

As you mull things over from what you've just witnessed play out in the music video above, here's some of the stand-up reaction that we've spotted to go alongside the new Rolling Stones release.

And finally, Dearbhla Mescal, Paul Mescal's mother, replied to his tweet when he said "Mum this is all a bit mad".

She responded as any Irish mammy would, by giving him words of encouragement, saying: "Just a bit (winky face)... But boy it's the best kinda crazy... Enjoy the ride (love heart)."