If one good thing has come out of the whole 'Donald Trump being president' thing, it's that at least there's some good art being made.

We recently heard about the anti-Trump song that almost made Randy Newman's new album, and now it appears that the one and only Paul McCartney may have also written a tune about The Donald.

Macca was speaking to students at Liverpool's Institute of Performing Arts “Sometimes the situation in the world is so crazy that you’ve got to address it", leading many to speculate that a track is imminent.

He had previously made his feelings on Trump known, saying "He’s unleashed the ugly side of America. People feel like they have got a free pass to be, if not violent, at least antagonistic towards people of a different colour or a different race. I think we all thought we’d got past that a long time ago.”

Take it away, Macca...



Via Uproxx