Interpol are set to begin work on the band's fifth studio album in February, according to the band's lead singer Paul Banks.

Speaking to music editor John Balfe, Banks said that the band will be "meeting up at the end of February and kicking some ideas around. Daniel [Kessler] has been a busy bee but he's got tracks at the ready, so now it's just a matter of me bagging in and sandbagging it and see where we take them."

In the same interview, Banks also should some light on the Interpol songwriting process and, in particular, how collaborative a process it is.

"Interpol is a collaborative effort but we've always have a very fixed process", Banks explained. "It always starts with Daniel starting with a song that he's written and then we all kind of fill that up in our own way to make an Interpol song."

The Interpol frontman is currently on tour in support of his solo record Banks. The final scheduled date for the current tour is February 18th in St. Petersburg and we expect the Interpol rehearsals to take place shortly after that view to a release later in the year, or early next.

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