Such is life. Not so long ago dominating the charts with his 'Fireflies' single, Owl City (aka Adam Young) finds his latest tour taking in such cosy venues as our own Whelan's. Maybe that's how he likes it, though. “I don’t think of ‘Fireflies’ as something I have to beat because that isn’t really the point,” he says. “The point is to inspire people. I want my music to be the first thing people reach for when they get home after a good or bad day. I want it to be a refuge or a "way out" in the same way my favorite albums have been for me over the years. If I catch myself trying to write songs just to break records, I realize I’m doing it for the wrong reasons.”

The gig on October 27th comes in support of Owl City's third album The Midsummer Station, due for release on September 14th.