5. Delorentos
Their set has just finished – and maybe this is just the post-gig buzz talking – but it was one of the highlights of the weekend so far. The band’s recent album Little Sparks has delivered upon the potential that the band have exhibited for some years now and marked them as one of the finer live acts we have to offer in this country. Top notch.

4. Roots Manuva
Rodney ‘Roots Manuva’ Smith is, in our humble opinion, one of the finest hip hop vocalists around and evidence of this was clear in every lyric he spat last night in the Cosby Stage tent. ‘Witness’ is a bona-fide classic song and, somewhat predictably, a clear highlight last night. The exuberance which we witnessed on the stage last night transferred itself seamlessly to the crowd and that’s the sign of a great gig.

3. Grandaddy
Jason Lytle’s band took the decision to end the their voluntary six year hiatus recently and, judging by the evidence from the Electric Arena yesterday afternoon, their return was not before too long. Speaking to entertainment.ie recently, Lytle said that every show that the band plays from this point forth is special. We like to think that their Electric Picnic show was a little bit more special than the rest. That’s how good it was.

2. The Strypes
The unsung heroes of Electric Picnic thus far. It almost seems amiss to neglect to mention their ages when writing about the fourpiece from Cavan, but it really doesn’t matter what age they when they’re that good. The Strypes are in some good company here this weekend but it’ll take some doing to outshine the sheer musicianship these teenagers displayed at the Body & Soul stage yesterday. They’ve another show scheduled this evening and – mark our words – we expect to see at least double the attendance of yesterday’s show, given how the word of this band has spread last night and this afternoon.

1. Sigur Ros
Either you ‘get’ this band or you don’t. We’ll be the first to admit that the sounds of this Icelandic band aren’t for everyone, but for those whose ears are in tune to the sounds produced by this collective they’re one of the best bands on earth. Evidence of this was aplenty when they headlined the main stage last night. ’Festival’ perhaps stood out from the rest, but these guys are Electric Picnic royalty by now.