Now that Slash and Axl Rose have apparently buried the hatchet and ended their long-running feud, rumours have been swirling for years that GNR will eventually reunite and take us all back to the early '90s.

Although Slash himself was questioned about the very topic a few months ago and was evasive, a well-known figure in hard rock circles has confirmed that the original lineup of Guns N' Roses - that's Slash, Axl, Izzy Stradlin, Duff McKagen and we're guessing Steve Adler or Matt Sorum - are planning a reunion concert and, quite possibly, a tour.

Scott Weiland of Velvet Revolver says that he heard they're getting back together, but didn't have any further details on the topic.

It makes a hell of a lot of sense. For one, 2017 will be the 30th anniversary of Appetite For Destruction, arguably their greatest album and the one that put them on the map. For another, everybody loves a reunion tour and so do their bank accounts. The Police's reunion tour with Sting, Stuart Copeland and Andy Summers made a whopping $361,956,184. That's three hundred and sixty one million, nine hundred and fifty six thousand, one hundred and eighty four dollars. For one year's worth of touring.


So try and guess how much money GNR would make from a worldwide reunion tour? Exactly. They'd be stupid not to. Plus, we've still got our denim jackets and everything and we know all the words to Civil War, Get In The Ring, Paradise City, Welcome To The Jungle, You Could Be Mine, Sweet Child O' Mine, all the hits.

It needs to happen soon. Our necks can't do the whole headbanging thing for much longer because, y'know, middle-age is approaching fast.

Let's just hope if they DO play here, they actually FINISH THE F***ING GIG.