Belfast synth-pop duo Oppenheimer are to disband as soon as they leave the stage at the Spring and Airbrake at their Skibunny Nightmare Before Christmas gig in their home town on Saturday December 19th.

Shaun Robinson and Rocky O'Reilly have been making music together since 2004, releasing two acclaimed albums, their self-titled debut from 2006, and 2008's Choice Prize nominated 'Take The Whole Midrange and Boost It'. The duo plan to release a farewell EP early in 2010, made up of material that had been intended for a third album.

A blog post on reads, "The reasons for this announcement are multiple yet highly intertwined. Ultimately, to be in any band you allow the band to consume you, becoming every particle of your existence, every aspect of your being, every thought that wakes you up early and every task that keeps you up late at night."

However both Robinson and O'Reilly intend to pursue separate musical careers.
"Shaun has realized that in order to fulfill his hopes and dreams he needs to take a new and different path in his life.
Rocky's ideas, dreams and notions for writing, recording and touring are more alive and vibrant than ever."

"We have no idea if we will ever work together again, recording movie soundtracks, making ambient albums or even making indie pop songs. Who knows what tomorrow holds?"

Read Oppenheimer's the full post here