Aussie indie kids trade their punk influences for pop on their second studio album. It's is all good humoured, upbeat and fun, but lacks the unbounded energy of its predecessor.

With their 2007 debut, Melbourne based indie rockers Operator Please made their mark on the Australian music scene with punky guitars, feral violins, punchy bass lines and a raucous vivaciousness. Expanding their use of synths and electronics, 'Gloves' is much more poppy than that record, and the results are variable.

The likes of fast paced, bass heavy, electro driven opener 'Catapult', and the restless strings and shouted chorus of 'Just Kiss' prove Operator Please still have some of that raw energy, but dawdling lightweight pop tunes 'Jealous' and 'Like Magic' seem to let the side down. And yet, the sparse and unhurried 'Loops' makes for one of the album's highlights, with its twinkling electronics and harmonies working in counterpoint.

Though she seems to have softened slightly to accommodate the songs, Amandah Wilkinson's nasal tones are still as unique as ever, switching easily from childlike innocence to hysterical squawks. In truth, her audible eccentricity is the best thing about 'Gloves'. It's a fun, pleasant and even catchy listen, but may struggle to get you dancing.